About Us

About Us


We are the pioneers of a selected tourism in the South region of the Dominican Republic. Perla del Sur begins as a privileged destiny to offer national and international tourists quality standards certified worldwide, tourists that will become part of a sustainable development with the communities surrounding the project.

It is a modern and elegant hotel and real estate complex conceived under high standards of quality and exclusivity, anchored in one of the most prodigious areas by nature in the South of the Dominican Republic, which makes it the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan destination in the country.

The first hospitality development, “La Casita Resort & Villas”, is made up of 102 units between villas and rooms with sea view, and attributes capable of satisfying the most demanding tastes.

The minimalist and modern structure is characteristic throughout the project, framed with the natural beauty of the region. The rooms have a higher degree of comfort to provide a unique rest and a magnificent spa surrounded by lush landscapes between seas and mountains that provide a breathtaking experience.

Our restaurants count with a culinary offer based on fresh products of the region, which will be part of the most traditional recipes from the famous Dominican cuisine.

The project consists of a Master Plan for tourism and real estate use, integrated by several buildings with varied height to harmonize with the profile of the area.

It is positioned in three zones “I”, “II”, and “III”, each of them identified for its destined use, defined to promote the hotel and real estate investment. Its construction will be carried out in 7 components.

A readjustment of a coastal sector will be carried out for the stability of the beach strip as well.

The project has been conceived to comply with national and international standards of tourism and real estate projects, also fulfilling the requirementes that these sectors demand for the construction.


To be the main tourism destiny in the South Region of the Dominican Republic, offering unique and exclusive services that provide a memorable experience in each of our guests.


Position ourselves as a leading organization in the tourism sector in the southern region of the Dominican Republic, being recognized for the high quality of our services, sustainability in our operation and unique experiences offered to our guests, with criterias of environmental protection and social commitment.



    We want to make our guests feel at home and serve them without expecting nothing in return.


    We are committed to exceed our guest’s expectations in every possible way.


    Each collaborator is an important entity, we work together to create a better organization every day.


    Positively impact the greatest number of people in the long term, taking environmental and social principles as a criterion.


    We encourage creativity, passion and new ideas of each collaborator in order to promote positive results for the company.


    We handle ourselves ethically and responsible for the highest principles and performance standards.


    We are proud to belong to the Barahona community and we seek to contribute to the constant improvement of it.

Santa Cruz

de Barahona


Santa Cruz de Barahona is located in the southern region of the Dominican Republic, privilegedly located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and sheltered on its other side by beautiful mountains full of magic and sun.

The majestic mountains that kneel in front of the sea are home to endemic flora and fauna, virgin forests and communities that live in harmony with nature.

It has different forms of access, either by land, sea or air, with its María Montez airport, where locals receive visitors with a pleasant smile.


Perla del Sur Foundation starts as a non-profit entity with the intention of channeling social needs, the environment and promoting the development of the South Region throughout the following objectives:

  • Development of small producers
  • Training of personnel at a technical and professional level
  • Support the growth of the south region by the hand of universities, clusters and social organizations
  • Be a source of sinergy with schools and universities
  • Promote social and cultural activities of the community
  • Preserve the enviroment and natural resources of the area


Perla del Sur seeks to be a sustainable organization in all senses, we have established a series of environmental and sociocultural policies that go hand in hand with our values as a company.

To improve the environmental conditions of our planet and our particular environment, we must be aware of the consequences of an adequate management of our natural resources and of the immediate and positive effects that our professional contribution can have.


  • Energy Saving: Efficient use of lights, computers, and other electronic devices
  • Optimize the use of water
  • Manage non-recyclable waste
  • Raise awareness among clients, collaborators and local communities through information campaigns, talks, events
  • Reduction, reuse and recycling of water, paper, cardboard, glass
  • Sustainable construction: to maximize the use of materials whose extraction does not cause a negative impact on the environment


  • Security and health
  • Treat employees fairly
  • Training and development plans
  • Diversity and equality
  • Worthy compensation
  • Contribution to the community: job opportunities, territorial dynamization
  • Consumption of local products

With these policies, Perla del Sur establishes social responsibility as a transversal axis that guides all actions and make them part of the growth strategies and purpose of sustainability.